it's five for friday! and a shoe discount just for you!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again this week...I don't want to jinx myself, but I've blogged!! Hooray summer!
But first...
congrats Gina! and if you were waiting to see if you won and you happen to not be miss gina, the genre posters (and everything else) is on sale! They will be marked down until next Wishlist Wednesday!

the boys captured a toad while climbing a tree this week. In fact, they have captured a bird and bunny in the garage too! Our neighborhood is full of aminals (as we call them!). So they erected an impressive habitat form a cardboard box, an old screen aquarium lid from the tarantula's cage, and lots of leaves. We let it go on for about two days, then I told them we have to release him at the lake. So we walk Toady Toaderston down the road to the landing and that guy swam entirely across the lake! He was oughta here! poor!

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Middle Lamb and I snagged a spot rehanging banners in his school's gym...20 feet up! You can see the 10ft goal below us! I thought I might regret signing up for this, until I got on it! Driving that lift was actually a blast! and I love any alone time I get with one of the boys!

and finally...back to those shoes I shared last week! 
The girls at Ja'vie Flats offered a free shipping code for us!
I personally had to have these red ones for going to state games #packpride

use the code HAPPY for free shipping - valid until 7/9!! 
and you can still get in on the Summer Sale prices, too!
picture from ja'vie on IG 
happy fourth! happy friday!


  1. Oh Yay! I love discounts....I hadn't ordered yet. I'm glad I waited.


  2. I just ordered them- can't wait- so glad I waited to order, love free shipping!

  3. Thanks for sharing the discount code!

  4. I just bought a pair through the company on amazon and got free shipping with prime. I can't wait to get them... And I might even buy more :)

  5. I am Gina! I am Gina! I missed this announcement because I'm visiting my parents in Florida with my three young minions ( boys ages 5,3,1). Somehow I purchased a copy in the meantime since I loved it so much! May I gift one to a new teacher in our school?


notes to the teacher

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