Bright Idea! Get that Library Cleaned Up!

It's that time again! Gear up for a slew of bright ideas!

I don't know about you, but I like to avoid work assign leadership positions to my kids as much as possible. As often as possible.
The classroom library makes me a teeny bit OCD. I my oldest son spent several weeks the last two summers labeling my library. Numbering. Color coordinating dots. Changing numbers when I decided to add more color dots. New numbers when I had to add more baskets. You get it. So I don't like it when the baskets are messy. Books face out. Books should be in the right basket. Etc. 
but as much as I threaten train the kids, the bins get stuffed and books get put back hurriedly and incorrectly. 
So each semester we have library cleanup. Simple. Each kid has a number in my class. Each book basket has a number in my class. So each student gets their number basket and fixes it. Any book that doesn't belong is taken where it DOES belong. They know each others numbers by the second semester so it gets quicker.

We currently have 48 baskets and 22 kids. So when one gets tidied, they grab another number and repeat. Thy truly do all the work!
My job is to sit and label books that may have been borrowed from my teacher stash or put up before getting labeled from a book fair or Ollie's purchase. 
I also decide if a sad little book needs to be mended or trashed Aka sent home with a kid!
I hope this simple idea brightens your library! 
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  1. I love how you give your students the responsibility! I, too, am a little OCD about my library and I tend to check it periodically:) Food for thought!

    Tammy from The Resourceful Apple

  2. This is a VERY clever way to straighten up the library. I bet it takes minutes instead of hours!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. Such a smart way to straighten up your library. I love giving the students ownership in keeping the room tidy, too. Plus, it's less work for us...duh :)
    Fun in Room 4B

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