five for friday and a fairy tale freebie

It's been a fairy tale week!...okay, maybe for the kids! But my neck hurts and I think I forgot my meds a few times. SO maybe not for the kiddos either! haha!
We did start reading tons of fairy tales this week. They LOVE them! I stuck with classics, because frankly, they don't know them. In common core, second graders compare similar tales from around the world. So that is what we will do next week! ('s a four day week and I could not be more do nothing!)
I can tell you this, stick a play in these kids' hands and they are set! They love performing. 
I used plays from this book-

And we made stick puppets which were a hit! 
so here are a few shots from the week!
and there's a freebie at the end!
so here's my five for friday!

this week marked the return of baseball season for the Lambs! Love my little catcher!
some zen time with we were too hyper for aour regular dance and exercise moves

the three pigs in action!

play practice!

yes, I bribe. judge if you must! We still have another week before spring break!

final bulletin board with our arrays. I hate the border, but I'm too lazy to change it. ugh

and here's your fairy tale freebie! 
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  1. How awesome! I love teaching Fairy Tales too & baseball... I'm an ex softball player so I can totally relate to the love of the sport & this time of the year:)
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

  2. I love teaching fairy tales - even my fifth graders enjoy reading them and acting them out! I have the same book as you do - but for bigger kids :)

    Thanks for the freebie!

    Joy in the Journey

  3. We're doing fairy tales right now too! Any chance you are working on a fairy tale unit?

  4. Jellybean bribery is the best! Loved your pigs. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners


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