Resources that keep me afloat!

Do you have resources that you go back to time and again? Or bloggers that you go back to?
I know we all do! I wanna share two of my personal favs!

click to visit the holiday shop at the bubbly blonde!
Here's TWO good reasons I use Alisha's crafts are a "go-to" for me...
1. Variety! Her units are chock full of options! She literally thinks of everything.
2. Usefulness! Her crafts don't have to stand alone (since that's not allowed and all!). For example, I had my students do a gallery walk with types of sentences (after seeing Alisha's kids do one for parts of speech on Instagram), then we made the craft...!
Here's a few examples...
our gallery walk...then make the craft!

here I used her party apples with the Johnny Appleseed unit. (see back there's the unit plans all ready to go!) I also put the books she writes in my classroom library. To save paper, I make one copy and read them aloud, then I put the book in the library and then they can all read them! Happy Birthday Johnny is STILL a favorite...what month is it...right?!

here are some more shots!
up next...

And these babies are a lifesaver with common core in full swing. I love our math program, Math Expressions. But, as I am sure most of you can attest to, not everything "fits". So my job is to fill in the holes! I use Denise's packet that I bought last summer for all my assessing! Each standard (down to the A,B,C.02354) has 3 options! This year I just chose the first one for my booklet, but I will use the another for a pretest next year. And I love the third option for retesting! 
Here's how I set them up...

this is next year's all ready to send to our print shop! I label the unit to coincide with our Math Expressions. 

I love having all the scores at a glance too! Obviously, I'll show THIS one off!

and last, but not least...I survive science kits with my own science units! I align them with our kits and the kids just love them! 
click to go to my science shop!

All the units are very hands on! And I try to provide lots of pictures and explanations. I am still working on our Air and Weather unit, but I just added lots of close reading and interactive notebook templates to the shop! And they are still half off! 

and all this goodness right in time for the big sale!

If you stuck around and read the entire blog post, you get a special treat!  How would you like to WIN a product of YOUR CHOICE from my store ($10 value or less)?!  I have made it SUPER EASY for you to enter!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post telling me which product from my store will help keep YOU afloat!  The winner will be announced on Friday, February 28th!

Now, head on over to the other Owl-ways Be Inspired blogs below to check out more "Resources That Keep Us Afloat"!  Check out all the links below!  Each link will lead you to a blog post where you'll find some awesome products and you can enter to win a product of your choice from their store as well!  Lots of chances to win!  Woo hoo!  :)


  1. I love your Winter Holidays Powerpoint and Scrapbook. It definitely helps me survive that crazy month of December. I also really enjoyed your Day of the Dead unit. So fun around another crazy time of year:) I just got your new weather unit and am really looking forward to putting that to good use next month. I have been eying your comprehension strategies bundle and this giveaway can certainly help! Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. I would select one of your Science units!

  3. I love seeing real pictures from products from other great teachers!!
    Thank you so much,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  4. I would love your Reading Genre posters to help keep me afloat!

  5. I would love to have your A Pot of Fun St Patrick's Day Math Writing and minibook packet!

  6. I would really like your Snowed In at School Day Common Core Math, Writing and Literacy Fun.

    This idea is ADORABLE! We have had a lot of snow days in NC. I like that you put a fun spin on it! It makes it fun! I know my firsties will LOVE this!! Thanks!

    Sam C.

  7. I would love, love, LOVE to have your Poetry Picnic Centers!!

  8. I would love your 3rd grade kid friendly common core standards!

  9. Oh I would love your 12 Days of Christmas Common Core Centers! That would sure help to keep my 2nd graders happy and busy those days leading up to break!
    -Hilliary Owens

  10. I would love the Weather or Matter Unit.


  11. I would love any of your science units but if I had to choose I would love the one about matter.

  12. I would love your Marvelous Matter Unit!

  13. I would love Reading Genres to keep me afloat!

  14. I would love to win your Good Vibrations science unit.

  15. You have really great inferences activities! I also like your cute craftivities!!! It is a difficult decision!

  16. I love science and am always looking for a way to make it even more fun. I think your Marvelous Matter Unit would get my kids extra interested in science!

  17. Rachel, quite honestly, I would like to win YOU as my personal lesson plan fairy <3. If had to pick just one, would definitely be "Marvelous Matter." I am currently in the midst of this unit and due to my less-than-scientific brain, I am =(. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be the LUCKY recipient of this of this life vest <3 <3 <3. Thank you for considering me =).

  18. I would love any of your science products! They are all great, but your Marvelous Matter Unit is my favorite.

  19. Ooops...that's

  20. I have got a BUNCH of your products on my wishlist (like, seriously, it's sort of embarrassing), but I think the one that's especially calling my name at the moment is your Good Vibrations unit. My district is adapting the NGSS but has yet to provide us with any materials. It sounds like we may be on our own to figure out how to meet the new standards. Your resource would be an excellent start!! :)

  21. I would love your
    Your store is great and so is your blog!!

  22. I would love your Reading Genre Posters! Thanks!

  23. I'd love your Comprehension Strategies Bundle! Summarizing, Determine Importance, Questioning. I'll pay the extra because it is over $10. It is perfect because I'm a reading specialist for k-5.

  24. I have had my eye on these posters for some time.... I have some others, which pale in comparison, which is why I can't justify buying yours just yet...but winning them would assuage my guilt!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  25. I love Denise's assessments too! I'd love to see how you aligned them with Math Expressions. This is our first year using the program.
    Cherry Coke and TPT keep me afloat


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