it's like Free TpT money!!

Don't forget to leave feedback for your purchases to earn tpt credits! When I buy clip art-I leave it immediately! (because I know it's good!) And I leave product feedback as soon as I have read and gone through the whole product. It really adds up!
You get one TpT Credit for every $1 you spend on TpT. Thing is, you only get the Credits after you Provide Feedback -- both a fair rating and a fair comment -- on the items that you purchase. We will round up for you, too! If you provide fair feedback on a $4.75 item, you will earn 5 credits. Every 100 Credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future TpT purchases, but there is no need to wait until you have 100 to redeem them. 50 credits is worth $2.50, for example.
I just noticed I've purchased 375 items on the site! FYI-that's pre-sale! That's a lot of credit I've earned (and spent!)

Here's some of my favorite things from my shop...
#1. Anything SCIENCE!
We will be starting our last unit of the year, Good Vibrations, next week! Cannot wait to break out the tuning forks! Who knew science could be so fun!

#2 Word Sort Activities for any spelling list or program! 

#3 My Iditarod Unit
It's an amazing learning experience-and this is not full of fluff! Every activity I have completed with 4th and 2nd grade! and I must say it's pretty awesome!
So go get your shop on!
and don't forget to link up your store on Blog Hoppin' and hop back on over on March 1st to show us what you bought!

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