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I am actually sitting down and enjoying hubs making the boys dinner! So why not blog!!
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we had new students this week. We added 2 finches. Still nameless, but aren't they cute!

we started time in math. I love teaching time even though it feels impossible in the beginning. Here they are putting together a clock then I have them scramble it up and do it quick.  Free and easy! Just add sentence strips!

I love playing games around the room, but I have found second graders have a gard time moving from desk to desk. I literally wanted to shoot someone last time we played a "scoot" game, so this time I drew arrows on their desks so they'd know where to go when I called time. We are using lots of @teachingmaddeness roam the room freebies! 

each December, my teammie and I do The Grinch as a readers' theatre. I can literally read the book without reading it! They think I am the best reader in the world now! But seriously, I love the book, the cartoon, and having to practice every day! 

our elf is in the building. I don't do a big to-do. Mainly because I am lazy. But they came in Tuesday to find some of the ClassDojo avatars were changed to elves...whaaat!? Then we found him drawing in our Early Bird book that we check with each morning! and today we was hanging out in the fish tank!
SO after I posted our dojo picture on instagram, I had lots of people asking how I the elf did that. So here goes! It's actually easy, you just cannot change avatars if the students have already changed them. I have about 5 students that haven't, so they are the changed ones. Which actually works well because when they were questioned if they had done it, of course they said no!

Just a note I was unable to find where to upload new avatars in a new ClassDojo account I have emailed their customer service and I'm waiting on a response back. However I have had my account for over a year and I am still able to upload new avatars so if you have an older account this should work!!


  1. I love those avatars! Dojo is such a great tool. Also love that you wrote on the desks for your scoot. Traffic flow can be an big issue:) I pinned that one!
    My Teacher Friend

  2. I too emailed Class Dojo. They said they have currently taken down the feature to upload your own avatars as they are making upgrades to their site :( They said it would be back up soon!

  3. I had to laugh when I read about you writing on the student desks for Scoot games. I still have to do this for my 6th g graders! They get so easily distracted~ LOL
    Have a great week!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. Great article. Class Dojo is a very useful resource. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Class Dojo is a great resource. Thanks for sharing.


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