all I want for Christmas

As I sit here and finish up this ENTIRE bag of kettle corn I opened today...why not link up with Hope King to share all I want for Christmas! I truly feel I am the easiest for me to shop for so this is pretty easy!

eyelashes! I'm making my sis go with me to get them! Have you seen this!? I didn't even know you could get eyelash extensions. My lashes are good as long as I can wear mascara, but as I get older more and more things bother my allergies and mascara is the newest culprit! No mascara-eek! But with extensions, you do not wear any! 

obsessed with this watch! And it makes me feel better about the cost since it is the stop hunger watch!

loving this jacket from American Eagle! It's so cute! I shoulda snagged it during the 40% off sale this weekend!

also love this bag from Tory Burch. I have carried the same bag for 7 years! I mean, it's a forever bag and all, but I love a new bag!

These are already under my mom's tree!

I love both of these Alex and Ani wraps, too! I just saw that a little boutique near me sells them! ut-oh!
I actually made a pin board for my wish list this year. As I type that it sounds really bad, but it is just easier! and in all honesty, I buy myself gifts anyhow! So here's the link to my board which has all the links to the items above!

he's just impossible. seriously! He says he wants nothing every year. But who wants nothing! I really really really wanna get him a puppy! We haven't been able to get a puppy since our Tyson dies 5 years ago! He was our first baby! I know we both want a dog, but we have three kids too! Ain't nobody got time for that! and I want a Golden Doodle, he wants a bulldog! I'd take anything, but he says he will never have a dog with doodle in the name! haha!
but look at this face!
though that's a good one too!

others, meaning my kids! Kid #1 just got half an xBox One (he paid half, we paid half) so I consider him done! haha! I mean he'll get little stuff. I told him 14 is old enough to start getting clothes for Christmas!

Kid #2 is a little tougher. I loves books, drawing, and science so I always find him little do dads, but I still haven't decided on a big gift yet! Last year he got a star named after him from my mom, so there ya go! We got him a very nice moleskin notebook and pencil. One day he will appreciate it! 

Kid #3 loves stuffed animals and anything his old bro has! He's getting a Stuffies from my mom and Stompeez from us!

I wouldn't mind this in my stocking!

and a good phone case for anybody! and if you haven't been to Target lately, they have the best stocking stuffers in each department!
you can't go wrong giving a donor's choose gift card or funding a project! fyi-I'll be sending this home to my parents. Instead of them buying me a coffee mug-maybe we will get our project funded!

Give to Public Schools in Need! - Go to

and my kids' teachers will be getting TpT gift cards!
so that's all for now! Happy Hump Day! Only 7 more school days!


  1. My fiance and I got a black goldendoodle last summer, and it was the best decision ever! :)


  2. Love this post and related to it! I want a golden doodle and Mr. Winemaker says the same thing! He wants a black lab. I am with you. At this point I just want a DOG! But golden doodles are super cute. Humph! Our men need to listen to us. The naked 3 palette looks gorgeous. Anything with rose gold is a must. That chevron cell phone case needs to be in my life.

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