time savers for making products!

I wanted to drop in and share a couple of little things that make creating products a little quicker! Since I spend a lot of time making things, they are certainly time-savers!

First off, quit using whatever program you are using unless it's PowerPoint!

one is when you are making multiple pages that are similar {not even necessarily the exact same} use "duplicate current slide"!
see, here I am making cards for a game. All I need to change are the numbers, so duplicate and wa-la!

next, use that cursor to select multiple items at once. This is great to move over a column of images or move text out of the way for a minute!

and lastly, there's about nothing I hate more {other than wacky stretched out clipart!} than things that are not aligned! 
see those light blue lines? they tell me that the image is lined up with the image above it. I couldn't get a good screen shot of horizontal aligning, but it's the same! I think the tech term for this is dynamic guides...
You can also turn on the grid lines! 

I'll be sharing a few more things tomorrow! So go and check out our linky over at Blog Hoppin' for more time savers!


  1. I made my first two products almost a year ago in word. Never again, I have been using PowerPoint since and they are so much easier. Thanks for sharing and motivating so many others

    1. Girl you and me both and I think I cried that day when nothing in word would work! I am a ppt and pub girl these days!!!

  2. I totally agree. My life changed when I started using Powerpoint!! LOVE it! I'm so thankful for Michelle and Rachelle who insisted I try it.

  3. I'm in love with Powerpoint, too! I look back at my old work in Word and *CRINGE*...lol!
    Just Reed!

  4. I agree with you 100% I started using PP about 6 months ago and it has changed my life! Yes, I cringe when I look at my old stuff too!

  5. Wonderful tips. As with everyone else - PowerPoint is the only way to go.

  6. I totally agree...I used to swear by Publisher but now I love Powerpoint!
    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thanks for the helpful tips!! Keep them coming.

  8. Thank you for all of the helpful tips!

  9. Great tips! I am loving all these time savers!
    Kindergarten is my heart

  10. These are the same reasons why I only use PowerPoint anymore! So much more functional than Word!
    Teaching With Style

  11. I actually figured this out at the beginning of this school year. I can't believe it took me this long. Now I just need to find the time. Lol!

  12. What I also like is how I can flash whatever I am working on up on the screen and have the printed copy in the hands of the students. Hits home and limits the whiney hineys!!

  13. I have a mac and use Keynote which is Apple's version of Powerpoint and it seems oh so similar! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the alignment lines and how easy it is to maneuver ANYTHING! :)

    The Balancing Act I Call Life


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