Helpful Hints and Activities like...(a 2 fer one post!) with a freebie!

This is a double post! I accidentally removed myself from my blog (I know right!?) and I just got it all fixed and back up so I am playing catch up with our linky at Blog Hoppin'!

First things first, my helpful hint is a lifesaver for me in many ways...Dropbox! I use it to share docs with friends, download freebies on the go, send files to giveaway winners, and even with my son's homework! Why Dropbox? I used to use Scribd. I like it, but our school firewall blocks it. That's a no go. Me and Google Drive do not get along all that well! I use Drive for storing ALL my clipart, so that pretty much sucks the storage out of Drive! Plus everytime I share a Google file, I get constant emails asking to share is I try not to use it! Dropbox is easy peasy!
I love a good bit of folder creating! Seriously!
everything I share with bloggers and friends is in TpT (my stuff)
everything I share with coworkers in in School
ELA is a district wide share file
and the rest is standard and empty!
oh wait...And it's FREE!!!

Click here to learn how to get flash freebies on the go using your iPhone...sorry Andriod users! (this is a repost!)

Now my most favoritiest class activity in the world is what I call musical worksheet. Sounds kinda silly, right? But it's a great break! And it's just like musical chairs. So when I really need some extra practice and we are all tired of sitting (like when we are on our 4,586th subtraction with regrouping lesson) I hand out a quick worksheet, quiz, summary sheet, whatever and we all stand up. I use pandora or the radio. When the music plays, you walk. No stopping. When the music stops, you get with the person closest to to you and solve the problem on the sheet, or whatever it is we are doing. And I do watch for those who linger to get with the same person each time! Nothing gets by me!
One activity that is perfect with this is a sheet from my Sweet Summarizing pack called ABC Summary. It's a simple ABC chart and the goal is to have at least one word in each box. You could have the kiddos sit for 5-10 minutes and brainstorm THEN do a musical sheet activity! Click the picture to download this for free!

and that's all for today! Now I'm off to the eye doc! Exciting life I life folks!
Tomorrow we will be sharing new ideas!


  1. I've been trying to think of a creative way to wrap up my bat unit. Not necessarily for the kids but for me. I'm kinda tired of doing the same old thing. So, slight change in tomorrow's plan: ABC Summary. I think we'll do the "music walk" to partner up. Then I'll switch partners every 4 to 5 minutes (we'll see how that goes). I'm hoping that after several switches they'll have built a strong summary sheet. Of course, we can always share out as a class at the end to help fill up any missing info. So THANK YOU for giving me a fresh way to review a topic! (I'm also thinking this could have nice implications during my upcoming evaluation!)

    1. oh, your comment made my heart smile!!! Good luck!

  2. I've got to learn the whole drop box's on my to do list!! Your new blog design is adorable!!
    Just Reed!


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