Huge daily giveaways! and my newest fix!

I haven't been posting here, but I'm posting a daily giveaway over at Owl-Ways be Inspired for two weeks!

Each owly author is offering up $25 of goods!
And there will be a few surprises along the way!
Each giveaway only lasts a day, so act quick and enter every day!

and thanks to some fellow shopaholics, I have discovered Stitch Fix!
I love packages!
And I love the idea of monthly surprises!
This one beats all!
first I gave them my specs...those are private! no peeking!
then I looked at example styles {fun}

and you choose your degree of likeness!
then I got real specific!
So go sign up!
Their price point is about $65 per item, but you return anything you don't want! 

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