Sunday wrap up! winners and last chances!

today is like a big ol' wrap up for a few things going on in my bloggyland!

1. the educents bundle we 2-3 grade teachers are offering ENDS TODAY! I am so excited to use these products all year long!
24 FABULOUS second and third grade teachers have bundled their best selling products to provide the ultimate school year bundle! Items include ELA, math, science, social studies, d├ęcor, posters, printables and so much more!  With concepts including fractions, measurement, computation, word problems, poetry, main idea, summaries, reading comprehension, and guided reading just to name a few, this School Year Bundle will fill your year with fun ways for your student(s) to learn key concepts!

I love Jen...and her products of course! I know I need to step up my phonics instruction, but as a whole language learner from the 90s, it's hard! I already got my notebooks {those cute patterned ones from Target!} and I cannot wait to try these babies out!

Gladys is such a doll! I am so lucky to have gotten to know her through Owl-ways Be Inspired blog. She's brand new to third grade and already making some impressive products. I love these centers! they are perfect for "training" my kiddos all those expectations during reading workshop! 

and this bundle is the only place you can get my favorite files all cozied up together! 

and 2. my FREE glasses giveaway has ended! Congrats Jameson!! is the last day to win Katie's Busy Teacher Helper for 2nd grade!! 
You can enter here and I'll pick a winner tomorrow! 

Now I'm off to soak up the sun with my boys!
But I'm looking forward to B2S week with Blog Hoppin'!

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