five for friday {home edition}

I guess through the summer, all my five for friday link ups will be home edition, but this week, since I've spent it lying around watching season 2 of Game of Thrones, I thought I'd share my 5 favorite things we picked up for the home!

I may be a little behind, but I just discovered the wonderfulness of Mrs. Meyers clean day! I'm hooked on the countertop spray! It smells soooo good!!

Through ebates I was able to save 100$ on our new Dyson C39. I've had the original yellow one for 10 years now and with more area to cover in the new home, I convinced myself I needed a canister! I opened it today, snapped it all together, and vacuumed away! I bet Amanda would die if she knew I had not vacuumed yet and we've been here a week!

I took Middle Lamb to the closest Super Target and World Market this week. He loves the same store as I do {Pier 1 and any other knick knack place!} Well, after each of us filled our baskets at World Market, I took one more lap to get some cute handsoap for the master bath. And left with this dish soap! It is too cute to be dish soap, smells amazing, and matches my kitchen! Score!

And at Super Target we picked up some items that were sold out at our local one. And I got new bath towels! Aren't they purdy!

and here's a little before shopping and after shopping pics to enjoy!


  1. I think if you and I went shopping together it would be very dangerous!!!
    Love all your finds:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. OMG, I am OBSESSED with Mrs. Meyer's! Geranium scent makes me want to clean for a living. My friends works for their corporate office and gives me free supplies all the time. LOVE IT!!!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. You really found some great things! I've never tried Meyers cleaner. I really like those bath towels. I purchased some in the exact colors but a different pattern.

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  4. I'm very partial to Mrs. Meyers stuff. The basil scent is heaven. Watch for sales at Whole Paycheck. Online coupons and that sale make me stock up on Mrs. Meyers for $2/bottle... I hoard the stuff. Plus, did you see if you buy the huge bottle of cleaner you can make refills for months???

    Love your home edition. It's fun seeing this side of all us bloggers.
    The Classroom Creative

  5. Well, I think I am now going to have to try Mrs. Meyers products. It seems everyone likes them. I love my Dyson! I have had the Animal Dyson for 8 years. Dyson's are seriously the BEST! Love the soap you got.



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