currently tardy for the party

a little tardy for the party, but I can't miss a currently!
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we have a bunny or two in the new backyard. they are fairly brave to even stick around. right now the two littlest littles are propping up a box with cabbage leaves from my m.i.l's garden to set a trap. though I have explained wild rabbits are not the same as our pet, it doesn't matter. they will continue devising plans.

i love our home. it has character. it was built in 1989, which isn't old per se, but the wood floors aren't perfectly shiny, the air is really loud when it comes on and I feel like i'm in a hotel room at night, and the bottom section of stairs squeaks just enough. I shared pictures of all the paint colors we used. I am not afraid of color! and we hung our first thing on the wall. that's a big step for me! I love it!

I am pretty much consumed in reading blogs, and not school ones! I have been an avid reader of i {heart} organizing for awhile and through pinterest discovered jones design co. I am glued to my chair going through this girl's home. oh how I love thee. I have started a list of the projects I am doing from her blog. she has amazing tutorials. 

some furniture. we did not have a dining room. we now have a dining room. we had a living room. now we have two living rooms. the two littles slept in bunk beds. now everyone has separate rooms {PTL}. Mr. Lamb and I sleep on the floor. I don't mind, but I'm ready for a bed. Big J is also on the floor because he is getting our bedroom suite which we still haven't I am obsessed with Joss and Main and Z Gallerie. Perhaps they need a blogger to review their furniture...
however, I am earning a little money using e-bates. I finally signed up and made 90$ after a small target order! haha!
If you sign up through my link I'll love ya forever! and we will both earn a little cash too. I mean I do like online shopping jut a little!

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I need to drop about 10-15 pounds. pronto. I eat whatever whenever. the insanity must stop! we moved to an amazing neighborhood with sidewalks and huge lakefront homes {which I DO NOT live in} so there is no excuse for not getting up and walking to ogle at these homes!

Seeing as how we have not had a family vacation since little D was born, vacay essentials are a distant memory. I need my blanket. mr. lamb brought me from the plane he took to china. it's always around me. it's just the perfect blanket. I need my magazines. I exchange magazines with my teammate during the year. I get us weekly and she gets about anything you can imagine. I got the good end of this bargain. so I have a lot to read up on. I like magazines because I like reading a little here a little there. and I need mr lamb. not in a sappy way. I just like hanging around him. 

so there's my currently. check out more with farley!


  1. I love the blog i heart organizing and Joss and Main is addicting. Have you tried Haute Look? And read 'Little Green Notebook.' Ahhhhhh there are so many great decorating sites. And if you are a HGTV fan Design Star is on soon!!!! I hear ya on the loosing weight. I need to get back on the MyFitnessPal bandwagon. If you have the app look me up : she406.

    Love your blog!


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  2. HA! I love the bunny story!! Kids and their little imaginations are awesome. ALSO, your blog design is SO cute!!


  3. Ahhh. I only dream of being able to paint walls. That's the disadvantage of renting I guess. That and not being able to have a dog (at least in my rental.)

    I also love the story about the littles trying to catch the rabbits. As an aside, my one of my roomies in college smuggled a rabbit into our room and it was glorious.

  4. Well, a new home can certainly make you tardy. Good luck decorating. ;)
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