what do to with 4 days left!

Happy Sunday all!
I want to share a little of what we will be up to these last 4 days of school
and fyi-a three month summer is not the norm. Our legislators have a hard time making decisions. We have had a few calendars for next school year and they finally agreed on starting back at the end of August like we used to. So we will have a nice extended vacay this year!

Monday is UN-birthday Day. We have cake, chips, and drinks while we work on birthday books for all the summer birthdays. We will also be learning about birthday traditions in other countries and using a few things from Amanda as well.
Tuesday is third grade day. We will be doing the letters to next year's students from Hope's pack. I always do a brochure and send it home with my next class, but I love the craft and that they will be displayed when next year rolls around! We will also do our cursive monsters! I love these!
And we'll also be doing a few of these from Hope's pack, too! I gotta make it look great for awards day!

and now for the giveaway from yesterday! 
Congrats Tara and Melanie Morgan!
all graphics from miss tiina and kg fonts
My little lamb, bless him. We asked him to pick a number from 1-19 and he chose 60, 96, 21, 100, and after telling him we needed a little number and repeated all those, he said one!
and if you didn't win-you can still snag the poetry centers for a lower price until friday!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. 4 days!?!? I am jealous :)
    Your poetry picnic file is just too cute!!!
    Enjoy your last few days!
    Melissa :)


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