It's CURRENTLY Fraturday!

again, it is Fraturday.
Alas, Friday has passed me by.
But for good reason!

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Listening-I am reading Game of Thrones, then I watch an episode from season one! I have to read it first, but I cannot wait for the next episode!
Thinking-well, we bit the bullet and put another offer on the house {that we already had to give up when an offer on our house fell threw in December} Luckily, the house we love was still for sale. God knew I needed out of our currently cramped living situation! However, that means TWO house payments until our home sells! Eek! thank goodness TpT is moving to monthly payouts!
Loving-I am consumed with thoughts of DIY! The main level of the home is near perfection, but the upstairs is another matter. The carpet is old, all the bedrooms are terribly painted by someone with less than perfection on the brain, and the master bath is dated. 
Wanting-New bedding! I am obsessed with the Threshold line at Target! I don't have any qualms about Target bedding! I love Target! I also really need this school year to be over with. I think having a second grader at home and 23 at school is just 23 too many! I am burned out! We are turning our 10 days countdown into a 14 day one just to keep it fun for the next 14 school days!
Needing-I have really lost my mojo on a FEW products I am working on. I really want to use my Poetry Picnic Centers for the next week before posting...and I am making my Candy Awards editable so you can add your student's names, and I am making my Hand Signals multicultural (all I had at the time were the hands Nikki made for me), soooo I need my focus back on! 
Summer Bucket List-Painting! Need I say more!
Beach with my family! bad! But with 2 house payments, I may be hiking my way there!


I have some very "special" artists this year!
Ok, I love kid art! These crack me up!

 our tongue twisters for alliteration

our sandwich poems {thank you Amanda} and Rainbow-Namebows {inspired by Reagan Tunstall}

I have been very UNhealthy this week! This was Monday breakfast

we are almost finished up with our multiplication unit. They LOVED this gangnam style mystery picture! {a freebie from Pink Cat Studio}


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with cupcakes for breakfast. Lick off the frosting and voila! Muffin!

    Hope you find a buyer for your house. I am making two payments, and so is my sister. Maybe all three of us can win the lottery. Not the same one, so our winnings are greater!

    1. I like your thinking! It IS really just a muffin, right>!

  2. Wow, sounds like you are worn out. I hope you can get recharged enough to make it to the end of the year. Congrats on your new house. I hope you will be able to sell your old one soon, so you won't have to keep paying for it.

    Have a great weekend!

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. Hopefully these 14 days will fly by like the rest of the year has! Of course, I'll miss them when they're gone! Always happens that way!

  3. Game of Thrones is so freaking awesome! I know you'll just love it. Great women characters.
    Your ants are really cute.
    Good luck with the painting this summer!

    1. I'm obbessed with Daenerys! She's my hero!

  4. A cupcake is only a muffin in disguise. Totally acceptable for breakfast! I mean, donuts have icing on them, why can't muffins? ;-)
    ideas by jivey
    Follow Me On Facebook! :)

  5. a new house is sooooooo exciting... YAY for you!!! and a cupcake every now and then is just fine!!! I am so glad you posted the Pink Cat Studio Freebie... I LOVE it... thanks or linking up :)

  6. Cupcakes = a happy heart!!! :o)
    Thank you for the great ideas and the fun freebie from Pink Cat kiddos will definitely LOVE it!
    I am excited that you are making your Candy Awards editable! Can't wait!

  7. Can I just say how excited I am that you're reading Game of Thrones while also watching it. That was how I did the first season, then I just ate those books up. Plus, it helped add age to the young kids appropriately, because I was struggling with that.

    I'm not sure where you are right now but the whole things goes absolutely bananas. I've convinced a couple of teachers in my school to start reading they're obsessed.

    Thanks for this, I don't see too many teachers reading A Song of Ice and Fire too much.....yup, I might be a nerd.

    your newest follower,
    Digital: Divide & Conquer


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