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I tend to forget about holidays until they are right up on me
yesterday we had a guest reader from our county's environmental agency
they read a book about a pup that was stinkin' adorable!
and they left the book for us!

but...she also mentioned Earth Day being tomorrow {as in Saturday, as in today}
as in I forgot!
So we will "Earth it up" throughout next week!
One thing I like to do it a trash challenge
I found it while searching for activities last year on a random environmental blog
or i'd send you all that way!
But here's the shortened version

Give each kiddo a baggie
I use the ones that come with our fluoride since I do not use them for anything else
they keep up with the baggie each day at their desk
all our trash cans are in the closet
so they have to use their baggie
all trash goes in the baggies
right before lunch we go through our bags and record what we are tossing
and repeat right after we pack up for the day

after 3 days, the really see how much waste they make!
and guess who always loses in the challenge...ME!
SO try this out with your kiddos this week!
I challenge you!

and here's a cute little chart to keep your data in!
click the sweet button below to go straight to lots more goodies from some awesome bloggers!
Happy Earth Day!

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