more MPM please and a sale or two

Well, every once in a while, I get free stuff...
I'm still waiting on a free Interactive white board or iPad, but decor in the classroom is just as good if you ask me!
Last month MPM School Supplies gave me $25 to spend! Woot!
I of course I could have spent the money on math manipulatives, but we have math kits with our textbook
I could have bought games for centers, but I prefer to buy yours!
So, since I HAD to, I bought pretty and new fun decor!

I'll start with what I bought! And thanks to miss tiina, Michelle/3am Teacher, Annie moffatt, and cara Carroll for fonts and graphics!
I know that's a ridiculously terrible picture, but you can still see the cuteness!
I've been seeing all the Carson-Dellosa Boho Birds on other blogs
and I knew I had to have them
I have a slight thing for fake birds that go along with my dots on turquoise theme from CTP.
Notice only fake real ones.
they creep me out a little

So, I got the huge double sided boho bird
Boho letters (um...can you say PRE-punched!)
plus the smaller dots on turquoise dots and more borders!
I love borders!
IF I had been at school this week, I'd show a picture of my stash
But I haven't been there!!!
So that will have to wait.
I really wanted to show you all my goods in use, but with jury duty and now spring break, it's not happening yet

So, here's the actual reason for this post
What makes shopping on MPM different?
One, lots of search options

there is nothing I hate more about online shopping than not being able to find what I want because I do not have the right keyword!
My favorite was searching by size.
I specifically wanted the 6" circles from CTP
so when you pull up an item, not only can you see related items
but you can search by the same pattern or same size!
Right from links on that page!
and TWO-quick shipping!
I love some online shopping, but have you noticed that school supply companies tend to take forever to arrive??
Mine stuff came within 4 days!
Not as quick as my beloved one day from J. Crew, but it ain't bad!
I do not like to wait...
So, here's a special treat or two for you!
MPM is offering all my readers 10% off!
And I am also putting everything in my TpT store 10% off because I met my quarterly goal-almost enough to PAY my thank you!!!

click the MPM logo to receive 10% off (first 10 peeps only!)

and 10% all weekend at my TpT store!


  1. Just ignore this test comment...hahaha...

    $25.00!! I love getting the office stuff for is pathetic how excited I get over a few free pens..hahaha

  2. A free Interactive Whiteboard - LOVE that idea!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    P.S. Which teacher doesn't love free stuff!


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