updated files and last chance to enter giveaway!

this giveaway is over.

First off, don't forget to enter the Melonheadz + Me giveaway. It ends at Midnight EST tonight! You could win $10 to Nikki's store and $10 to mine!
thank you for the glitzy borders Alisha!

On to updates
It never fails, I make mistakes. We all do. I've learned to live with it as long as the buyers are sweet like most have been!
A sweet buyer found a spelling error in my Marvelous Matter file, so rather than just fixing it, I redid the graphics and fonts, too. It's a disease!

Someone also found a spelling error in my Valentine Freebie nonficiton book, but my file didn't have the error so I had to re-upload that-oh, and change all the graphics and add a tree map and bubble map and fact hunt!

Then I printed my the Math Hunt from my Chinese New Year unit for Monday and found a repeat question-so I fixed that too.

While I was at it, I spruced up my St. Patty's Day Little Pot of Gold Activities. This is probably one of my favs. My maiden name is Greene...yep, Rachel Greene. I know, right?!
So obviously I always loved St. Patty's day-I never wore green! ha

Check em all out.


  1. We do all make mistakes!!! Like you said, most buyers are usually so sweet when they point them out...but I've had a few "bully buyers", you could say! I don't think they realize how hard we work on our products and how one mean comment can take all that pride away {at least for a moment or two!}

    My fingers are still crossed for the Melonheadz + Me giveaway!

    Have a good night!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. I nderstand about St. Patty's day. My last name is Ireland so I always enjoy the day!

  3. You sure have been busy! I love your Valentine's Day freebie :) Thanks for sharing it.

  4. You are so welcome! Thanks for the shout out! I'm a tad behind on blog reading obviously! It looks fantastic with the melonheadz!


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