can I share the most wonderful FREE reading resource ever!?

Not kidding
It rules my lesson plans!

The following info is my own opinion. As much as I love the site-no one is paying me! But feel free to! haha!

holy moly mother of Jehoshaphat!
This site has it all. Everything is common core correlated. Everything is research based, Everything is sorted by genre, skill, strategy, level, lexile, or grade. And why do I love it even more...All I have to do is print and read it! Seriously!
Today we worked on using explicit info to answer questions. I have used this site for the past 3 weeks at least 3-4 times per week. The lessons are precise and straight to the point. The text is engaging. The text is complex.
so go and register!

and SO here goes my little tour of a selection I am using next week with dental health.

and I'll even prove that I am using it!

So enjoy your journey through the site! I still find goodies each day! 
And Looky Lou!
Only 4 followers to go until that ginormous giveaway!


  1. Love this!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource!

  2. HOLY COW!
    This is fantastic Rachel! I just signed up and have already printed out my lesson plans for next week! You are a GEM for sharing such an amazing resource! Thank you! So happy to be following your blog!

    1. ha! I really wasn't kidding! I really love the site!

  3. LOVE! I just passed it on to my colleagues! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I just signed up and have already printed a few lessons for next week.


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