super duper target find and a Halloween pack preview!

I managed to stay home today. It’s not a mandated day, but we had a required workshop. Can I tell you how foul my mood has been this week. No-I just didn’t blog. I’ve been foul. Bless em

But I explained I needed a day with my own personal kiddos and now I’m here, with a sore throat cause it’s finally below 85 degrees, and happy!

And what’s a day off without a trip to Target?! I mean we needed milk and costumes!

So here’s what I found


I drive a little Infiniti. I had all 3 kiddos! But we scored every last candy apple red storage stool they had left-6! Perfect for my guided reading table. I had great dreams of making crate seats. 6 candy apple red crates sit in my garage. they match my candy apple red library book baskets. I don’t feel like making them. These are better! annnnndddd…on clearance for $8 woot! they are soft faux suede. Ah. Maybe they will sit still on them! ok, probably not.

Now for what I’ve been doing all day and every night this week…I’ve turned my old reading response sheets for my favorite spooky season read alouds into a common core aligned pack! So excited! I have updated, added to, and completely rehauled this stuff. I love it! It includes a Hallo-weiner writing craftivity, activities with Room on the Broom, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Spookley!


and I’ve also added 2 more fonts to my stash over here ----------------------------------------------->


made during a staff meeting by an amazing artist teacher Kim-click to download


and I also got my personal fav uploaded-tattooed rachel everyday! I used it in my pack, too! So cool

the pack will be up soon-I’m needing it proofed. I am also updating my Day of the Dead stuff, working on a writing center idea using iSpy wonder tubes, phonics bingo for the year-my kiddos love this, and 12 Days of Common Core Christmas too!!! too much lying awake at night!


  1. You got those crates for a steal!! I'm loving those fonts:)

  2. LOL I have that storage cube, too, but in Black! Got mine last year and I absolutely LOVE it. Use it for step stool, a seat, storage, and anything else I can imagine. You absolutely got a steal and I looove the color of yours!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. Oh I love those crates! I might head to my Target this weekend! I can always use a new place for the kids to sit! They love the beanbags, rocking chair, etc! Love the fonts too! Thanks!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. Thanks for the great font suggestions. Love them!
    What i have learned

  5. Oh wow! My unfinished crates are still in my garage as well... I need to go to Target! Thanks for the heads up!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. I am the queen of great ideas and no follow thru! I call it being a global thinker!

  6. Love the new fonts :) Awesome!


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