an excuse to craft, sneaky peeky, and a winner!

Since I’ve moved to 2nd grade, I am addicted to making little crafty goodness. For Johnny Appleseed’s birthday we made Linda Kamp’s knapsack craft and inferred what we thought he’d have inside-this is a great little file btw. Ok, direct correlation to common core>check

Today for Columbus Day we made Teri’s {cupcake for the teacher} ship craft. Or we started it. That’s another story. So I was thinking…what can I do to make this all mesh and fit nicely with our curriculum, and have something to display for our student-led conferences tomorrow night?

enter the double bubble-can I tell you how much I love thinking maps!


tomorrow my kiddos will fill these out with traits. We’ve worked dutifully naming inner character traits and backing them up with evidence from the text. So hard. They are great at it since I used the terms inner trait and outer trait. No more skinny, blonde, wearing a coat traits here! Thanks Amanda!

here’s a little sneak peek at some matter we changed up today! Can’t wait to share! Excuse the cornball picture-you have to keep it lively for the kiddos!


and Jen and I have a winner! Congrats Paula! Your goodies are on the way!



notes to the teacher

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