fall flash sale

I reached my husband’s personal goal for sales this quarter and beyond! I am thrilled! Perfect timing since we are maybe moving, maybe building, and all. So I decided to join in on the Fall Sale hosted by Second Grade Math Maniac! Ain’t that sign adorable!

I’m also tacking on an extra day since I was out of the loop for awhile!

Here’s a few FALL must have’s!

veggie patch

So freakin’ cute! I loved displaying these guys after we planted in our garden! and I even wrote a poem with my 7 year old for this file! Don’t judge

matter unit1

I’m teaching matter now, so you should, too! I am working on a few additions to this that you’ll get soon if you’ve bought it!


I love teaching about Day of the Dead! I use this mini-book to get it all started

Happy Fall!


  1. I love that mini book! Do you have the list of crafts you compiled somewhere still? I'd love to see that.
    Adventures in Room 5

    1. I do! I will put it up today! I forgot about it.


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