Dia de los Muertos anyone?

I love me some Halloween, but have you celebrated Day of the Dead with your little goblins? Two years ago, when I taught 4th grade, we made altars for dead authors in the Day of the Dead fashion. They were awesome! We invited 3rd and 5th graders to tour and served Pan de Meurto, too. The room was decorated with paper marigolds and Calaveras (decorated skulls).

When I was moved to 2nd grade last year I thought this traditional celebration may be too much for 2nd graders, but I have changed my mind! These kids watch scarier stuff than I do! I have created a mini-book, anticipation guide, and comprehension questions to use with my second graders this year. We are also going to make some crafts from a guide I have compiled (this will be listed…for free…the week of the 26th!) But scoop up the minibook today!
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Happy October!


  1. I did Dia de los Muertos a few years ago and did a really calaveras project. I'll have to find it and take a picture for you.

    2B Honey Bunch

  2. my partner teacher and I wanted to incorporate the Day of the Dead into our Halloween unit - do you happen to have a picture of your author alters? I am very curious about how you did them. Love your blog! You have great ideas:)

  3. Mrs. B, we just used science boards as altars. Time didn't allow for tables and such. But I am sure that could be a home project they could bring in!


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