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I saw this blog title somewhere out there-I stole it. It’s perfect.
Yesterday 2 of the 3 ventured out with me to Petco for our weekly cricket purchases. I decided to leave the scorpion and tarantula at school this summer seeing as how the littlest little messes with everything. Last thing we need is the scorpion getting hurt by Drew!

Normally I spent my end of year workdays moving all my furniture to the small tile area of my room. But this year they are ripping up the carpet and putting tile everywhere. I have mixed feelings. Cold tile or petri dish carpet? Lesser of two evils I guess. So this year, we got to put everything in the hallways. I mean nothing could be in our rooms. Whew. Here’s what the halls look like. Mind you this is just the 8 classes on my hall.

my hallway-see my b.e.a.utiful desk there on the right…and my bulletin board’s still up! Lazy, lazy!

main hall-even more crap supplies and learning resources

here’s my closet! hahaha! Can’t wait to get in there…see that little flower? It’s my newest cute air fresheners! I have problems. I put all my nonfiction bookcases in here. We had to empty any that were in the hall. I just couldn’t handle that!

We snuck in to school to feed the pets and here is my sad {but incredibly limitless possibilities looking} room


old tile-Jake had to snag a few. Probably going to end up as weapons.

IMG_1325  IMG_1326 

and here’s how I am spending my weekend! Ain’t that adorable! Jake just started catching last night and won the game with a foul tip catch! Woo-Hoo!

Don’t forget to enter my 500 follower giveaway! It rocks! I am trying something new with comments. If ANYONE can help me fix my reply to comments issue, please! really!!! I am not digging this new commenting thingy below!! and fyi-the reaper cleaned up the mop and cooler from the porch. Yet he did not even move…strange


  1. What a lot of stuff! I hope you had help moving everything to the hall. My building is under construction, so I won't be able to get back in until the Friday before school starts (YIKES!).
    I found your blog through Lisa at Learning is something to treasure. I'm looking forward to reading more about your ideas.
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  2. They do that at our school to wax the floors and the summer school students are just amazed to see all that furniture in the halls! I told them to add that to all the jobs we have to do-decorating the classroom again from scratch. :)


  3. We have only tile in my school so every summer we pack up like we are leaving so that the floors can be stripped and rewaxed. It can be a little cumbersome but it is definitely cleaner/better in the long run. I do recommend that you pick up several large area rugs. They are great for absorbing some of the classroom noise, plus the tile can be very hard and cold for the tooshie-just a thought. I hope you enjoy your "new" classroom!!!
    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  4. My classroom looks just like yours! After 25 years, they are FINALLY replacing our carpet and tile floors! They were SO NASTY!!! We don't have the most fastidious or overzealous custodians and they typically have varnished over whatever dirt, staples,or even bugs (yuk)that happened to be on the floor when they got to them. We are getting a really sturdy vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood. The rooms that are finished look amazing, but my room is one of the last 2 yet to be done!! We have been told we can't get back in to clean, unpack, and reorganize until every room is finished and signed off on by our maintenance supervisor which could be the middle of July!! Oh what a time we will all have moving back in at the same time (I'm thinking move-in day at Freshman college dorms :)ha!!).

  5. Debra! Wood floors. Wood "looking" floors! So jealous. Some of my custodians are not exactly overzealous either! Luckily I drug in my 9x12 pottery barn rug last year that I couldn't sell on Craigslist. I'm trying to lay down as many as u can!


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