sour to sweet

face it, no matter how ill you get with the kiddos this time of year
{it’s not just ME is it??}
they are so sweet when they leave! I always want em back next year!
all our grade level have a set awards day
it’s that time parents come out and await the amazing award their baby deserves is awarded
year after year I try to find the best way to go about this hour long performance
last  year I was completely head over heels for my class
this year took some getting used to, but I’m there for the most part!
I have decided to pull out the old favorite candy awards!
I have ogled at these for a few years, but finally got around to making them fit me and my standards for excellency!
here are some examples of the awards. they are full color and feature a picture of the candy represented. I kept it all lighthearted and fun! they also come in black and white! just copy on fun paper! Don't forget the shopping list!
candy awards  candy award  candy awards bw

TN_purchase     TPT purchase
I am truly not for giving everyone a trophy for showing up kind of stuff, but this is the time for goodbyes and hugs and lots of lovin! all those bad days and stress are out the window for me! all sarcasm out the door because I do love them…
cami and me
here’s what it all about! above is my “Junior Mrs. Lamb” 2011 winner! I cry every.single.year. my handprints are painted on the back of her shirt and I still see almost all of these guys every day…aren't they precious
happy teacher appreciation y’all! I know I am lovin’ today’s baked goods for the teacher day!
don’t forget about all these wonderful sales on TpT {I’m doing 20% all week plus the 10% TAD12 code=30% thru wednesday} and 30% off at TN too!

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