Area Amigos

not much to share
atrocious week at school
but on to area
our Math Expressions has “mini-units” in between each long unit. they focus on upper grade skills and act as a sort of intro. This week we focus on transformations and area {by counting square units} These were both in my curriculum as a 4th grade teacher so I got to pull out all the stops! We explored tessellations and played Tessellation Town in the lab. We talked about how much mulch we will need for our garden, and we made Area Amigos. We even used real life graphing paper! ohh! ahh!

Download the recording sheets and little sign freebie here!






we also used shape tracers to make pictures using only 2D figures {our next mini-unit is 3D figures} I love how these always turn out. Here are a few in progress.


We’ve also been loving our quail eggs. There’s Buddha paperweight {from target of course} watching over them-or really holding down the screen so they don’t roll. I will share more on what we do later on.



And we are really loving Hope King’s iPoetry unit, too! We are covering one type of poem a day and adding our little apps as we write! I can’t wait to share with mommies!

Here’s the concrete poem we wrote together. IMG_0738

And I leave you with these by my budding photog




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