Day 2 of the ABC-ya! Countdown went off without a hitch!
we had to begin the day making our summer bucket lists to display, but I couldn’t pass them up and they didn’t get done on Beach Day!
Here was the rundown of what I had planned
dino KWL-check {well we made a class chart which counts}
dino research-check but not all finished!
nature walk-check {this was today’s countdown balloon surprise}
fossil cookies-check {thanks to my ah-ma-zing friend Katie! and her great ideas}
watch Magic School Bus-check {they know I LOVE the Frizz!}


with ONE roll of sugar cookie dough I found in the fridge at school {cause I forgot to have anyone donate and I didn’t get any either!} I cut squares of wax paper and gave them a slice. {and I may have snuck in a few bites of raw dough in between} Each chose a plastic bug to fossilize. Baked in the new instructional kitchen while kiddos watched Magic School Bus, and done! The baked ones are in the last shot. Of course I did not allow for expansion so you can’t really see the “fossil”, but they didn’t care!

I did want to share a little about our nature walk resources. Each year our school orders free nature kits for summer kits from Modern Woodmen of the World. Have you heard of them? I hadn't until we began doing this. Each student gets binoculars, a field book, and a pencil. Teachers get a binder of resources for teaching. I had already gotten this year’s so I gave them out today. I love these! Sorry there’s not a good shot of our walk. I may have sat on the recess bench during the nature walk…this may be why one of the boys thought peeing outside was ok, too…

here’s a link to the educational program and free materials 

Tomorrow is the Amazing Reading Race! I can’t wait to share my updated stuff! Think reading on every continent…

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  1. I am going to check into Modern Woodmen of the World. I think that's an awesome kit that they send!! Thanks for sharing!

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