A Potpourri Post, a freebie, and a lot on the way

A completely
But, do you ever make a file or sheet to share, then when you use it, decide it’s not what you want? or there are a lot of things to change?
That’s me with  my Common Core posters…cute, but just not exactly perfect for me…
Especially since I discovered KPM Doodles! Love her!
So I spent my weekend revamping the file into full size options {because apparently administrators are blind} and adding new graphics and “I Can statements” that are reworded to be kid-friendly since I just found out that is what I will be required to post next year! Love how expectations change

Well, I am really happy with how they turned out! See for yourself! Click the images to go to TpT

I Can Statements in half size for pocket charts

I can Statements full size with full color and printer friendly format

And “Teacher Version” in full size

And Whoooo’s On Target with little owl subject headers that are freakin’ adorable!

I also posted a few other tidbits I made to use with my kiddos this week.
We attended a performance of Cinderella Around the World by our local theatre and it was great and laced throughout with good humor! Since we were not leaving school right away, I made a story problem mini-book with a Cinderella theme. You can snatch this freebie on TpT


We also made Amy Lemon’s watch pattern to show how characters change over time {a Common Core goal y’all!} I had my kiddos divide the watch face into halves or fourths and illustrate her growth as a character. We will also use the Invention idea this week. For the life of me I cannot locate a copy of Bigfoot Cinderrrrella and my students like are obsessed with the show Finding Bigfoot! I guess I will have to wait on Amazon to ship!

I will be doing a camera dump on our weather unit we just finished up soon. I am also working on putting together our unit as well as a Mealworms and Life Cycle pack! I am waiting on some custom clipart cause who in the world makes mealworm graphics?? I love those little boogers and so do my kids!

And I just saw Sara Cooley’s Lemonade stand file and had just read about Alex in a magazine this past week. Can’t wait to use it and teach my kids about caring for others, and give to the cause. We just completed the St. Jude’s Math-a-Thon and I encourage you all to participate next year!


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