53.8 pounds and an Easter Egg Hunt

First off, I am really tired of Lucky Charms switching up their marshmallows every single year-stick with what works people! That said, as we sorted yesterday using my little booklet, we had NO stars and did have shamrocks-so we improvised cause that's what teachers do and recorded shamrocks in the star column. Regardless-I adjusted the file on TpT
Second of all-they LOVED the pots of gold that greeted them Friday morning! Of course they wanted to keep the little pots, but …! It was just enough challenge to keep them thinking! Worked perfect!
IMG_0294.JPG (2) 
IMG_0293.JPG (2)
Around mid-morning during some partner questioning practice we had a few teachers form another district come in and watch how we roll. I don’t know who told them Friday in my room would be good {or any day because we are pretty wacky!} but we entertained them nonetheless. And the quote of the day {we should really write these things down you know} was one of my kiddos saying his bones hurt, I responded that maybe he was growing {he’s pretty teenie} and he laughed and said “Hardly, I’ll weigh 53.8 pounds forever!” Geez! But like I said, we aim to entertain!
After lunch we made our Leprechaun Pie. It’s pistachio pudding and you can either take it or leave it {I’ll leave it} but it’s fun to watch them try new things each month.
IMG_0295.JPG (2)
This is was made for my former TA who helped me make snazzy snacks each month last year! I always send one down to her. Aren’t these precious!
I just uploaded an Easter Egg Math Hunt I did last year and loved! Student teams hunt for all their group’s eggs {assigned colors} and when they finish, they work together to solve the story problems. I just picked up some 12 packs of eggs at Dollar Tree with 6 different colors per pack. That’s perfect because I like having smaller teams so I’ll have 6! Check it out on TpT and Teacher’s Notebook
egg hunt directions
{TpT}  {TN}

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  1. We had SO MANY stars; it was out of control! The stars were off the charts. Crazy Lucky Charms.

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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