Latest Vistaprint order

Finally got some free offers from Vistaprint. I think they've been holding out on me! I am really thinking ahead this year! I ordered stuff for chickies hatching and Poetry Cafe all happening in the springtime. Here's a few of my favorite things. And here's a whole webpage devoted to my creations!
Notepad with me all all my critters!

Oversized postcards for invite-made a spelling oppsie on the back, but nothing whiteout can't fix.

250 business cards...self-explanatory

100 postcards-Positive postcard idea from Ms. Winston, mail out random love notes to kiddo's homes

The only item I paid for! sheet of 24 stickers! Thanks for the idea Lesson Plan SOS ladies!

Font Freak Linky Party {Who could resist!}

Jenn from Finally in First is having a Linky Party to share your favorite fonts. I heart fonts and find myself using these most often for titles, etc. I almost always use a DJ or CK basic font for the bodies of my stuff so the kiddos can read it! So LINK UP and share your favs, too!

Back to School Shopping at Target...seriously!

I love back to school shopping, especially at Target. Today they were stocking the shelves with fresh notebooks, pencils, crayons, and markers. I had to get a few things of course. My favorites were a step stool and a lifelike cupcake pillow in the home section! So stinkin' cute! The cupcake's all mine kiddos! They also have an ice cream bar and pizza pillow-maybe another day. SOme other goodies included mini magnetic dry erase markers for the kiddos to stick to their math boards (Dollar spot), mini composition books for guided reading notebooks (2 for $1), and a fabric pennant banner in the party supplies for $3.99. I got 2 of these! oh, and I had to snag a composition book just for me!

Sqworl...Bookmarking sites for the kiddos

Ok, I have a tizmos account, but I was not in love with it. I saw a post about Sqworl today. Yay! I re-bookmarked all my Listen to Reading sites for easier navigation for my little people! Click below to see our Listen to Reading page revamped!


Leveled Reading library labels

Wow, lots of L's in that title! Anyway, after getting some awesomeness at Lettering Delights over the past week and snagging a 7 foot bookshelf from a store closing, I decided to make some new levels for my guided reading book baskets and materials. Right now, I just have the labels for the book baskets. I grouped A-d, and E-F since I won't (fingers crossed) have that many kiddos on those levels. Hope you can use.

Collecting Words with kiddos

Last year I used a measly piece of chart paper for our word collector, an idea from Daily 5. Of course it lacked in many ways, but mainly in space. Well, inspired by Amanda from One Extra Degree in design and Beth Newingham in function, I created some beauties to tape to my unused white board on my back wall. I love the colored Duck Tape, and good ole Target now has designer patterns. I picked up some Hello Kitty, paint splatter, and tie dye! I am taping off my grid and taping these letters for a bigger, better word collector! I loved Amanda's idea of having the kiddos add words by putting them in a word jar...!
Happy Collecting!

Word Collector

Planning ahead...freebie!

If you are somewhat of a teaching addict like me, you are already zoned in on next year! I saw a yearly topic calendar somewhere out here in the blogosphere, but couldn't locate it again so I remade one. It just has a small spot to jot down what I what to teach that month. I am probably going to redo it to make one page for each month, but until then...Enjoy!

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