Back to School Shopping at Target...seriously!

I love back to school shopping, especially at Target. Today they were stocking the shelves with fresh notebooks, pencils, crayons, and markers. I had to get a few things of course. My favorites were a step stool and a lifelike cupcake pillow in the home section! So stinkin' cute! The cupcake's all mine kiddos! They also have an ice cream bar and pizza pillow-maybe another day. SOme other goodies included mini magnetic dry erase markers for the kiddos to stick to their math boards (Dollar spot), mini composition books for guided reading notebooks (2 for $1), and a fabric pennant banner in the party supplies for $3.99. I got 2 of these! oh, and I had to snag a composition book just for me!


  1. That is a cool pillow I had to look twice because it looks real in the picture.

  2. I'm also a fan of the cupcake pillow! I can't wait to check out my Target! :)


  3. Love all your ideas I just left a comment on my blog about vista!!! Soooo glad you have a blog or that I know about it now, you always have really good ideas!!

  4. @Christina-I love Vista! Need to post my newest stuff today

  5. Love your goodies! I have to agree with Mrs. Shepherd - it took me a minute to realize the cupcake was a pillow haha! I just got back from a trip to target - so much good stuff! I posted what I picked up:
    So glad I found your blog - just became a follower :)


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