3 days…and Counting! Still Lots to Do {freebie!}

Well, SOME of us still have some school days NEXT week…so our schedule is jammed packed with fun holiday learning to keep me the students on track!
Today we celebrated Hanukkah and prepared sets for our Grinch readers’ theatre we’ll be performing for the first graders and our parents. Our next lesson in Math Expressions was rounding to decade numbers {tens…} so we did a little online shopping at Toys R Us. They recorded the item and price, then rounded to the nearest ten.
IMG_0091  IMG_0092
We’ll bee seeing green tomorrow! This will be my second annual Grinch Day and I absolutely adore it. I first heard about it on Second Grade Teacher’s Club and when I saw First Grade Parade’s post last year…oh my! And as silly as it sounds, I ADORE watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and hearing Hey, that’s my part! and them so excited that they know all the lines! It’s awesome to know you’ve memorized a book!

Grinch licked candy canes will greet my littles when they come in. I bought Sour Patch Kids candy canes and just used the green ones. I have no problem taking down the other colors myself!
Then we’ll perform three shows for first graders, fellow second graders, and our parents. Here’s our script!
Click to download this freebie
Then we will go to Math Fun Day hosted by our sixth graders. This is always a blessing! They do math holiday games with our kids for a whole 90 minutes! Woo-Hoo! While they enjoy games…I will be enjoying our staff cookie exchange. I made cake bites tonight and cannot wait to eat lots of cookies tomorrow!

After lunch and block, we are going to search the Grinch song for similes and metaphors then illustrate them on index cards. Last week we did “Winter is” similes on little mugs, They are precious!
{Random note: Can I tell you how much I am loving iCloud. I take pictures on my phone and here they are on my PC when I get home!}
Welcome Christmas while we stand heart to heart, hand in hand.

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