Sunday Night Football…I mean Freebie!

While rounding out my umpteenth hour on the laptop, I thought I ‘d share a little something. If you use Whole Brain Teaching, yay! You’ll love this! I remade the practice cards (theirs just don’t do much for the eye!) We are moving to Level 2 tomorrow!


Click the picture above to download.

If you don’t use Whole Brain Teaching…you just plain missing out. I have blogged about it before {older post} and I will again! They also started webinars on Tuesday nights! Love it!


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  1. Love WBT! Just came across it this summer and it has changed my life! My kiddos love it and so do I. I thought parents would question rule 5 - keep your dear teacher happy - but they didn't. Keep sharing!

    2B Honey Bunch


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