what do you do when you can’t get into school?

Vistaprint and teacher store shop of course! I have been quite spastic creating and recreating over the past few days and made a lucrative (for the store at least) trip to the closest teacher store today as well. I picked up some adorable goodies, none of which I went for. Let’s see…5 packs of bb letters-all from Frog Street Press except Seuss, 2 packs of border, 2 amazing blank chartlets, blank clocks to post important times for the kids like lunch and recess, and adorable big alphabet letters…
I also made 2 orders on Vistaprint today-free uploads. I’ve been wanting to make some posters and banners from all the a-ma-zing subway art and photos I’ve been pinning on Pinterest and finally did it. Check them out…
Banners…LOVE them both! Ain’t she a doll?
me_banner  ellie_banner
Lawn Sign (minus the stake)
and some posters
reading_poster   bookshop_poster


notes to the teacher

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