Day 3 of My Favs Giveaways: Creative Market!

OOOHHH! I might love today's the mostest!
It's no secret I have a font obsession. It's a healthy obsession expect when it comes to the money I spend on them! And my newest favorite shop to get them? Creative Market!

So today's giveaway is a $20 gift card to Creative Market! You can check out the fonts, graphics, or anything your heart desires! What I love about Creative Market is that it's like a small community! You'll see chicks you know on there (like Kimberly Geswein) and really get into the world of serious graphic design. It's all consuming. I've been making progress towards moving over to the Wordpress platform and this site has shown me all kinds of helpful tools, tutorials, and design ideas!
Oh, and did I mention they have about 6 amazing freebies each week! And while not everything on there would appeal to teachers, so much of it does! Many etsy sellers I know and love are on this site and I know they earn more on it, so I will fully support Creative Market!


  1. This is the first I've heard of Creative Market... OMG! So many possibilities! The script fonts are gorgeous!!!!!


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