confessions of a stationery addict

Sometimes I think my draw to education is stationery
I've always loved stationery
Sanrio's was my favorite place in the entire world as a child
and it probably still would be if it was what it used to be!
I spend the better part of my childhood picking out pencils, stamps, stamp pads, pencil holders, pencil boxes, clipboards, notepads, pens, pens with charms, you get the idea
while my mom spend the better part of her teacher paycheck in that place because of course, it all had to be personalized with their signature dotted letters!

That love of stationery never quite went away. Just grew up a bit.
I cannot pass up notepads and stickies that are cute in any way
I can spend hours in Target, Office Max, and Michael's perusing those aisles
So here's where the problem begins!
Look at all this stationary that has been delivered right to my door in the past two weeks!

I'm also a monthly member of Jones Design Co. paperworks.
I get the printed version because I'm too lazy way to busy to print it myself. At least for now!
What I love about Emily's paper are the colors, the cuteness, and all the options.
Each month includes a calendar, chore charts (wishful thinking), grocery lists, to do lists, scripture cards, a print, and even a surprise. There's tons to use and while I'll never use it all, it's ok because most of it can be used any ol' time! AND IT'S ON SALE TODAY!
Plus I kinda want to grow up to be her!

/this is the june paperworks collection/

Then there's Blair Turner's Very Busy Box.
May was my first delivery. Somehow I missed the boat on April's.
It's more than paper though. Not only did I get some cute BTP notepads, she and her hubby curate a little collection of office supply goodies just for you.
Now this is right up my alley!
My husband would call it crap, but I call it a little piece of heaven!

And now we come to Krista's Creative Paper Collections!
The new collection (my favorite so far) is the paint and confetti!
I love this color scheme! Her palette collections in the VIP clubs got me into these.
I like CC papers for school. Bright, happy colors keep my mood a tad better!
These notepads are the real deal. Super heavyweight paper. And the printing is impeccable!

/isn't my little rhino adorable??/

Another brand I'm digging is Heidi Swapp. I first saw her stuff at Michaels.
I'm in major need of her Minc foil machine...just fyi Heidi if you want to give one away!! I'm open!

/flea market pouch of goodies/hello beautiful metal circle clips/hello beautiful washi tape strips/

Do you know of any more paper companies I should be aware of??

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