Five for Friday April 17

It's five or fraturday since I started my post last night and forgot to finish!

In all honesty I really do not have that much to share. My week was pretty ho-hum.

We made these little money butterflies to add some color to our room and review our money counting skills after spring break (which was last week.)

I'm back to my diet and visiting my nutritionist every week again!! I've been a bad bad eater for about a month and chocolate is my go to food. Isn't it funny that there is a vitamin water zero right next to 25 chocolate munchkin donut holes! #irony 

I did officially launch and an Etsy shop too! That was exciting! I don't expect to get rich off of it but I do love making prints and I figured I could share them! And a lot of them will be things I make for my school, classroom, or home office so here's a lot of teachery things. You can use the code WELLHELLO at any time as a blog reader to get a discount!! 

So I had to get a new printer too. Obviously. This is like the only laser printer that is color and 2 must haves! AND I only paid around $200! 

HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251nw Wireless Color Printer (CF147A#BGJ)'s officially baseball season around here! Now that middle lamb is 10, we get later games. Monday's game was called at 10pm. And we were only in the fourth inning! I like to be in the bed watching tv or reading by 8, so this will not conducive to my sleep cycle! Which at the moment is like it's not too conducive to my job either!

I hope your week was a little more exciting than mine. Here's to the weekend! Go link up with kacey too!


  1. Those donut holes look so GOOD! Good luck eating better :)
    I'm not judging. Check out my blog. It states that I love junk food and Diet Coke. I would eat those donut holes with a diet soda.

    Made with Love

  2. Good luck on your ETSY shop. My daughter has been doing ETSY for about 6 years. She doesn't make a killing, but she makes enough that she can be a stay at home mom.


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