five for friday (feb. 20)

long time, no see!
I've been insanely crazy lately, but I am so thrilled with all the great feedback I am getting about the VIP Table and how y'all are tweaking it to fit your needs! That is what this blog land is all about! I love it!
We've had quite the week here in NC as far as weather goes.
Mon-early dismissal at 12:30
Tues-no school (icy conditions)
Wed-No school (cold day)
Thurs- 3 hour delay
today-3 hour delay
I know people up north think we're crazy for cancelling school at the thought of snow, but we seriously do not get snow! We get ICE! and that's about it!  I personally love that our district calls school by dinnertime the night before. It gives time for families to plan. We used to have it called after a "special driver team" drove the roads in our county and school wouldn't be called off until 6 or 7 in the morning! that sucked! So there's my soapbox defending NC!

Anywho, I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday to get back into the swing of things!

We got so much done on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I think having less hours in the day leaves much less down time for me! I'm like a drill sergeant! And boy we got everything done I had planned for the whole week!

I posted this on Instagram Monday! So true!
Monday we finished up time, introduced graphing and surveys with my Penguin Hunt, and wrapped up our Saint Valentine unit!
Both of these are fairly rigorous for my kids. I LOVE this penguin hunt! I know it doesn't look like much, but it is and then some! There are 20 grammar/language questions (all aligned to CC) for students to answer. But they ALSO have to put a tally on which penguin in on each card. Then we gather at the rug, check our work, and make a tally chart of the types of penguins we found. Next, students complete a bar graph (which they are already familiar with) and then I introduce a line plot. It's so much goodness rolled into literally two sheets of paper! I like to give you a bang for your buck! (or three bucks as it is!)

and this baby is loaded with history, nonfiction, character traits, locating evidence, and recall with a fun quiz! I included a flap book, powerpoint that matches the text and is beautiful thanks for some amazing ladies who made clipart just for this unit!, as well as lots of follow up comprehension activities! and there's also a Saint Patrick version!! 

haha, choice B...#starwarsreference
Happy Friday!!


  1. I'm an NC teacher too! I could get used to these delays! :) :Next week is going to be culture shock--5 full, whole days!

  2. I am so much more productive with less time, too! Our kiddos spend way too much time in class with me. I know it sounds odd, but I could teach better with less time. It would make us focus so much better! We don't get snow days, though, so it's wishful thinking for us!

    What I Have Learned

  3. I totally understand what you mean about the ice. That's what happens in Portland too. The streets ice over so badly and it's like a giant ice skating rink everywhere.

  4. Be careful what you wish for! At my school, I only get three hours per day with my students. It's hard to cram everything in and still have time for fun activities.

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  6. I'm right above you in Virginia, so I know what you mean about the ice. We were out all week because of it. While my city does a pretty good job of clearing the main roads, they just don't have the resources to clear the neighborhood roads which are still a solid, 3-inch thick sheet of ice in many places. Fortunately, it's supposed to rain this weekend (seems crazy to be saying that) with some above-freezing temperatures which should wash a lot of it away. Having a week off has been nice, but I'm not looking forward to making the time up (no built in snow days here).

  7. Aren't delays the best?! We've been getting a bunch of them in MD, too. Not complaining!


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