it's time...back from break plans

as much as I am not ready mentally, physically, or emotionally I don't have a choice!
I have to go back to work tomorrow!
We had a workday Friday
I didn't work
my own personal rebellion I guess
but it only hurts me I guess!
So the best way to prepare is to spend the entire afternoon making plans then posting them on the blog and linking up with Deedee!

all while listening to wiggle repeatedly seriously- at least 20 times.
this shiz cracks us up!
like right now this is my house
Hubs, "give me a song!"
a kid hollers out something, "big, fat butt!" or "jump" or some other amazing musical choice we've let our kids experience, grow up with, and come to love...judge if you must!

Now that I broke down and bought Keynote for the ol' Mac, I can link in my pdf's again!
So click away to find these goods!
well, first you need to click to get to the pdf! There are THREE freebies for Monday! and because I royally messed up the link to my freebie for New Year's Owl giveaway, I'm linking it here too! Enjoy!

and yes, I notice the morning meeting kinda slacked off's because I'm not 100 percent on what I wanna read yet!
I cannot wait to make this Resolutions board again!
they are so, so fun!
and you really do have to think and infer to write these!


  1. Awesome activities for the first day back from break. However, I can't download the 2015 number activity, just a screenshot shows.

  2. Same here! It just gives me a screen shot to print.

  3. Hi, your post is very timely. I too am a TpT seller and I can't figure out how to link my logos from clipart folks to website. Are you able to do that in Keynote? If so, can you tell me how to do this please? Thanks,


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