Show Us What You Bought! Linky! and something BIG!

Don't you LOVE Michelle's button!! I had to go font buying too! opps!

So I may have spent a tad too much over the past week on bags, shoes, coats sweaters, tops, jeans, coats real bad...
So I actually held off on the cyber sale until today when I kinda panicked that I'd miss something...I'm sure Erica can identify...

In all honesty, I held back! I moved a ton few sets to my wishlist. I mean, how many different Santa's do I need? A LOT OKAY! And I'll tell you this...these clipart clubs are killing me!!! First Krista, now Mel! And I'm sure it'll get worse! I literally have Krista does. And that's a lot of weekly clipart!

 My youngin's are strug-gle-in with place value! They can add and all that jazz, but boy it must be by luck! And the great ability divide is like The Grand Canyon this year, so I'm hoping this little Place Value Detectives will interest all my levels and help me out while we're at it!
I also need these sillies to keep up their skills over break! I think The Winter Break Challenge is just the thing! I'm hoping anyway!
And while they struggle with place value, this girl struggles with fitting in writing! I love Jamie's perfect paragraphs! I used one "lesson" for Halloween and it was a hit!
and you can't go wrong with some good reads and new math stations!

Oh, and be sure to check the blog tomorrow!!!
and go link up and show off what YOU bought at BlogHoppin'!

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  1. I love the clubs, too! Just started in the fall - wish I had joined sooner. I need to go check out the Winter Break Challenge. My students need that! Thanks, Jen


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