Pumpkin Week (sorta) and a freebie

I'd love to say I have some pretty visual plans to show you, but I don't! However, I will list a few things and link them! that's close enough!
Honestly, getting plans even in planbook is good for me right now
I planned to do pumpkins last week...didn't happen
I even told those poor babes that we'd have our pumpkin tasting on Friday...didn't happen
I never sent the parent letter home!
So this week it's GONNA HAPPEN!
Cross my heart!
Along with a few other pumpkin-y things, we are reading Life Cycle of a Pumpkin from the ye ol' basal. Our basal actually has some pretty great stories and I pull from it every now and again. The story lessons focus on fact and opinion, so I made this little pre-assessment for pumpkins and fact/opinion! You could always cut the bottom off if you just want the pumpkin part! Just click to download!

So....while I have some reading groups a goin', the kiddos will be reviewing lots! We have fall break...can I get an amen!...next week and we need some major reviewing! So I whipped this up...it only took 3 weeks...ugh.
sometimes I just keep thinking of things I want to add and files grow and grow. so that's ok! Pun'kin' printables! No prep! independent review! yes, please!
And it's HALF PRICE right now too! At least through Tuesday since I got it posted late!

Friday we finally took our first unit test in math and up next are polygons! And every year I forget how much they DO NOT KNOW about shapes! So while I will use the lessons from Math Expressions, I supplement a lot. 
a few other things...our Media Specialist and EC dept. are teaching some lessons with Spookley for Disability Awareness Month. So I'm excited to use my Spookley shapes lesson too! Perimeter is not in the curriculum anymore, but I will use this lesson and we measure the sides of the pumpkins. It's too cute not to use! Then we make pumpkins of any shape we want! maybe a pumpkin shape patch or a shapely pumpkin patch?? (I just updated this unit too!)

SO, to review...
pre-assess pumpkins
teach fact and opinion
describing shapes
Yep, we can do this!


  1. I love the pre-assessment, Rachel! Thanks for sharing! I'm adding this to my plans for tomorrow.

  2. I wish we had a fall break! But, then again, I don't want to start / end school any later. We're trying to fit as much as we can in this week, too! I hope you get it all done!

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