Halloween Freebie Number 4!

I keep sharing all these Haloweeny freebies, so I figured why not make a week of it!?

So the deal is, I may post them anywhere! Sunday's was a Facebook Fan freebie!
Monday's was on TpT!
Tuesday's was on the blog and TpT
Wednesday's is on, well here, but also Instagram!
So keep a look out! and be sure to follow all my hangouts, too!
So here's a little craft I whipped up yesterday when I had no voice! Easy Peasy! And if you like it, I have an apple version in my apple-icious printables and a pumpkin one in the Pumpkin No-Prep pack!
We listened to Frankenstein on Speakaboos (it's a free story) then the kiddos filled out the BME or Beginning, Middle, and End retell chart on their own.
Just click to download from Google Drive

Happy Haunting!

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  1. Thanks for these life-saving freebies - you have made my night and day tomorrow!


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