I'm linking up with Farley for September's Currently!

the washing machine is running-hence I'm thinking about what to wear tomorrow! It's damn near 100 degrees by recess time at noon. But I never, ever, never wear shorts (and yea, we are allowed to) I wear my Old Navy or Groopdealz wide leg linen pants. Seriously. I wear a pair probably 3 times a week! I have navy, black, white, and khaki! They are the best pants in the whole world! and...wait for it...they have an elastic band waist like maternity pants! haha! Yes siree! 

I discovered Stephanie's Morning Meeting book last month and I am so glad I did! I tend to start things and not stick with them...morning meeting is one of those things! But her guide and ideas are keeping me going! I use greetings from Christina Bainbridge (they were posted on her website when I started teaching second, so not sure if she still has them!) and we go over our day. I actually write it all out on my chart stand! I have a few littles that can't wait to take over this job! 

Thanks to you fabulous people, my DonorsChoose grant was fulfilled! My projector arrived today! Can't wait to get that baby up and not squint all day!

oh, and I ordered a large scholastic order right before school started. And it was delivered on the first day of school...but, I never got it! what?! Not sure if there was a UPS mix up (they have a time and signature) or if someone jacked it, but I will find you...errr. It really irks me because I ordered the new Minecraft guide for Middle Lamb for his great first week of school and now I don't have it!

and last, but not least...Italy because who doesn't (though my little sis claims it's nasty!) Seattle because I'm stuck in the 90s, and China because I really really really wanna see the terracotta soldiers! and the great wall!

Happy September! GO link up too!


  1. Italy is on my list too!! I've started a morning meeting this year and it's been good so far. I'm looking forward to continuing it :)

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed

  2. Ohmigosh I would FREAK if a Scholastic order got misplaced! We opened a new school this year and I was panicking about all my mail getting forwarded to the new address and not getting lost amongst all the construction! Hope you find it soon!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  3. I need to check out those pants!! They sound super-comfy! Also, don't listen to your sister! Italy is breathtaking!!

  4. Italy is amazing, but there are some areas to avoid (as in all major cities). Seattle is on my list too. I want to take a road trip there because I've never been to Oregon either. Enjoy your new projector…it's amazing how much it helps instruction.
    The Traveling Teacher


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