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I'll start with the pure decor fun stuff!
Three things that I believe I cannot live without...and oh so cute!
each one of these ladies has an amazing sense of design and style! so uber talented!

and now for some academia! 
each of these ladies truly knows what a good product needs! and are very thorough!
Student Scrapbook from Erica
this is a perfect portfolio for the year! Parents will love it too!
Final blends and digraph posters and activities from Katie King
I am posting these behind my guided reading table and making the mini ones for groups!
Shades of meaning activities and 411 Short reading articles from Jen Jones
I want to use these with my higher readers-they are relevant and very well written!
2nd Grade Math interactive notebook from Blair Turner
obvious one here! This product was highly recommended to me by our 3rd grade team!
and I'm always looking for ways to kick off the year with Daily 5!

and what are a few things I already own (or made) that I recommend?
Pair up my genre posters (the colorful or bold set) with Michelle's Focus Board-perfection! 
I am cutting labels for mine right now!

another file that I get lots of use out of is my word sort pack! you can use the ideas with any list! and I know I am on my third different required program where I teach!

Need some spelling, you say? Well, aren't you in luck! My sweet friend Amanda JUST posted this bad boy! A complete differentiated spelling file!

need some writing? well, well...I have used these for awhile! Jamie combines a love of writing with the curriculum that shall not be named into some amazing products! with tons of options!

Need some borders for your own products? who doesn't need new borders! Snag Bubbly's newest set (Julia borders) which I have used on all my new products! Cause they're awesome! 


  1. I love how you put your buys in shopping carts for this post :-)
    I can't believe I missed those supply can lables. Super cute!


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