Monday Made it! Jobs and contact paper!

I am posting!
and it's almost Tuesday, but it was a long day of meetings!
I had to run down to my room to snap some pictures to post of a few little projects!

Last year I covered the back of my built in bookshelves with this contact paper straight out of heaven!

It's from Amazon and I bought 6 rolls!
SO obviously I had some leftover!
I was planning on going to IKEA to purchase a corner shelf for all the binders of amazingness I am supposed to keep up with, but I spotted this nasty white cube shelf thingy in the trash last week at school!
all it needed was a little 409 and contact paper!
and it will match my new color scheme!

I didn't want to waste a few little scraps and I still had about 5 little clear cans from Michaels that I never used from last year...I plopped in a fake plant from IKEA, rolled a strip of contact paper (still attached to the backing) and perfection! you can see my bookshelves below!

Now this is an oldie that I had to blow the dust off of!

Since we are beginning the Leader in Me, classroom jobs are going to be a big push this year.
confession-I cannot keep up with class jobs!
This was my old job chart from my first year in 2nd grade! I made it in WORD!!! what?!?!
so I recovered the cork board in some wrapping paper from Target and added navy bordette to bring in the color scheme
Isn't it beautiful!
Now let me explain why there are no faces on these poor kids...
I took a picture of every little kiddo's and cut out just the face to use for this board.
I attached Velcro to each and when they did not have a job, the hung out on the velcro strip up top. When they did have a job, I put that sweet little face right on the job card! Talk about cute!
Don't ask why I put it up the next year. I honestly forgot about it until I cleaned my closet!
it's like brand new to me now!
and I added it to my store!

I hope  you saw something here you can use in your room too!
I can't wait to read all the Monday Made It's on Tara's blog!!!


  1. You are too funny with all the contact paper! I also bought several rolls this summer so bring on the chevron!!

  2. I love the job idea...and your shelving is GORG!!! I have that same contact paper and only used it on one thing last year.

  3. I found my grey and white chevron contact paper left over from last've got me thinking about prettying up my nasty built in shelves...hmmm...
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. I also bought so much cute patterned contact paper once that I had to find places to use it....bookshelves, filing cabinets, drawers, boxes....nothing is safe in my classroom- or house! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!

  5. I am loving the contact paper creations! I used some on my laundry room makeover, but I haven't started with it in the classroom yet. I will definitely need to start spicing up some things at school now :)

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  6. I just purchased your Classroom Job Chart. I love it! I've been looking for something just like it. I'm your newest follower :)

  7. I totally laughed out loud when I read, "I created it in WORD. What?!?" I had the exact same reaction to an old product I found in my Dropbox. I made the statement to my colleagues, "I made this in WORD and it's in Times New Roman..yuck!" I went right home and changed the font and moved it to PowerPoint.
    The Traveling Teacher

  8. I bought really cute adhesive shelf liner last year thinking I would use it for decorating things. I never actually got around to doing it, but now that I see all your cute papered-up things, I have something else on my to-cute list! :) Your classroom decor is adorable!


  9. Ha ha I JUST today bought some chevron contact paper. :) Can't wait to use it.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan


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