five for friday

Whew! It's Friday and I actually had to be at work this week!
not really work.
We began our Leader in Me Lighthouse Team training!
I'm officially able to be a presenter...not that I would even try right now!
We had to do mini-presentations and there's just so much passion that goes into this! It's really life changing and something I really needed in my life. Honestly I get caught up in drama and it's not where I want to be!
Here's my little Lighthouse team-I guess they won't mind!

that's me in the pig tails...yep

what bubbly wants, bubbly gets...My sweet friend Bubbly Blonde needed the genre posters in neon, so we added some flair! aren't they presh! I'll add them to the shop soon! I mean, anything with arrows is my thing! Of course I do love the original ones! and they are quickly becoming my best selling product!

Middle and Little Lamb enjoying a Minecraft scavenger hunt at a b-day party! They were all over it and it may have brought out a little competitiveness in the adults! This is my teammie's picnic table at her mom's house...seriously!!

A new project is posted on DonorsChoose!! We are trying to get a projector in the room so I can prevent crow's feet from squinting! and so the kids can also see! If you so feel the need to give even a dollar-all donations will be matched dollar for dollar! Use the code INSPIRE! I just gave everything in my paypal! yes, to myself but for something greater than clothes!

On Monday I went to arrange my classroom furniture. In fact, I won't even uncover the boards because they will sidetrack me!
My goal this year is decluttering. I LOVE knick knacks! bad! and they are everywhere. I am trying really hard to toss stuff or put in away. I am finding some creative ways I'll share on IG too!
happy friday! I'm off to declutter before squid dissection with the boys later!


  1. Good luck with your DonorsChoose project! I have done several--such a wonderful organization to support educators. Love the genre posters...


  2. Those posters are too cute! I did a DonorsChoose project this summer was able to score two iPad minis for my classroom. I LOVE DonorsChoose!

  3. Good luck on your Donor's Choose project! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  4. Good idea to not do your boards until later. I always get so caught up in redoing them that I get totally sidetracked. Good luck with Donors Choose, they're such an amazing organization. I got 2 Chromebooks last year!
    Easy Teaching Tools

  5. That picnic table is amazing! Good luck on decluttering your classroom. It is a constant battle in my life too. Donors Choose is amazing...I have received 5 Kindle Fires and lots of sports equipment in just the past year. Good luck!
    The Traveling Teacher

  6. LOVE the neon posters. Good luck getting your project funded. I have donated to my own classroom projects more times than I count :) ha

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans


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