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well, this week has been officially UNproductive, but I've spent lots more time with the boys, so it's officially been a great week!

these two crazies have finished up their swim lessons! Quite interesting to watch! Middle Lamb does great! Little Lamb...goes backwards somehow! And we go to the splash pad after lessons, too! I swear to you he could HIDE behind that pole!! #skinnyminnie

I had to get some new flair pens, cause my Erin Condren Teacher planner (round 2) came! The first one they sent had the wrong school under my name! So here's the real one!

I have become my mother...I now am a chauffeur for my children and I find myself just sitting in the car waiting (albeit reading or IG'ing) rather than wasting gas going back and forth to home. I appreciate my parents (and friends' parents, who drove us to the mall and waited around on us in the movie theatre parking lots so much more now!) While I waited for my 15 year old who is too scared to get his permit, on Monday, I ran next door to Target for some flair pens...see planner above. And guess what-back to school in the Dollar Spot!!
Mini Fun Facts books-my students hoard these things so I got a second copy of each!
Americana readers-they have a Presidents book and a states book. Middle Lamb loves them!
lots of those reusable totes (Seuss and Eric Carle) for a Pinterest project!
[Hello, My Name is] stickers
flash cards to use in the writing center (presidents, dinos, animals)
some Seuss themed cut outs for something...
a teal pocket chart (cause I hate that they are always primary colored!)
and a few other things I cannot remember that I probably didn't need!


and speaking of Target...Big Lamb and I had some fun in the college aisle! At least it will be fun for three more years, then I'll be crying because he will be GOING to college! These are 3 hour timers that light up! and hashtags! ha!

My new Ja-vie flats came! Yippee! I had to toss my red flats this year (they looked nasty) and these are the perfect replacement! Upgrade!!
and they are so stinkin comfy!


  1. CUTE shoes!!!!!! I have heard a lot about those teacher planners! I may need to head on over and check them out! :) I'm a new follower!
    Mixing it up in Middle

  2. Hey there! I saw your button on the Five for Friday linky today, and I just had to pop over and check it out! I am officially your new follower! I am also a tattooed teacher. :-p I have 7. haha I don't know many teachers with tattoos. I look forward to reading your blog!

  3. I've been tempted by the Ja-vies. So cute, and I hear they are comfortable. Great combo.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  4. Love those new flats! My friend just bought a few after seeing your post a few weeks back. I need to look into them because I do not have red flats yet. :) The Target dollar section gets me EVERY time too. Enjoy your last few weeks off!

  5. I was also eying those amazing cork boards from Target. But I wasn't sure how to use them or justify the purchase even though they were only $3.99. I really wanted the hash tag and the "&" sign.... Target always has the best things and they know it. They're marketing geniuses!

    I've been following you on Instagram & now I'm officially following your blog!
    Happy Friday,
    My Shoe String Life

  6. You have been busy!!! Those shoes look too cute! It is nice to see a reasonably priced comfy flat out there.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  7. I've been to target a couple times already too! Their dollar aisle stuff was great this year, loved the Hello My Name Is stickers! Love the EC Planner too...I have a feeling I'll bite the bullet before the summer is over!
    Munchkins Inc.

  8. I just cannot stay away from Target! LOVE THE EC PLANNER! :) I'm having a flair pen party on my flight home from Vegas! :) Have a great weekend!

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  9. The dollar section got me this week too - oops! Also, what teacher can live with flair pens? They're the BEST!

    My Carolina Classroom


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