five for friday {snowmageddon edition}

haha! Official member now...are you? If so, visit Tammy at Dots of Fun! Luckily we had 5 extra student days in the calendar since NC likes to require 185 days then change their minds! So we do not have to make up our days! woot! And a snow day or few means I have time to actually get this posted on a friday! It also means I will miss Valentine's Day at school which just stinks!

We hurry made these valentine holders from the teacher wife (this is the 3rd year I've used these and I never get tired of them!). This year I had some out of the box thinkers. Whenever we venture back to school I'll be sure to get more pictures!

Jennifer by far should be employed by some kind of bulletin board making company, but until then I am happy to copy all her boards! The kids made these bees with a sub, thus you see angry hornets as well! haha!

So our preschooler had his special week! He was the "top banana", got to lead the line every day, got to all the tables to the rug, and got his mommy for a guest reader! He has been over the moon! Part of top banana funness is bringing home their sock monkey for the week and writing about it. Of course couldn't just turn in any old notebook paper! We used a little TpT goodness to spruce it up! and how many other kids got their first cousin on their top banana week!?!

little man watching the snow begin!

this is technically from last week, but since I didn't have much of a week I wanted to share! Our Reading Night was a Pigeon theme! I loved it! I'm even working on a Mo author study! That dang pigeon is hilarious!

happy Friday!


  1. That's awesome that you don't have to make up those days....if we are out for hurricanes/tropical storms we always have to make them up:( In love with your Bee board and the angry hornets crack me up!!! Precious baby pics....congrats on the new niece:) Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I teach in NC and I have to work on Saturdays to make up all the days we have been out. I think we have 6 by now...I've lost count! Year round schools go to school half days on Saturdays :(
    Happy Valentines!
    My Second Sense

  3. Those bees are beeeeautiful. :)

  4. Love those bees and Valentines holders!! SO cute!! And I'm so jealous you don't have to make up your snow days!!
    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd


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