deck the halls with TpT!

isn't this sign ca-ute! Thank you Amy!

and to make Cyber Monday even more fun...

I'm linking up with Christina for her fun little holiday linky! She always has fun little ideas, doesn't she!?
SO the idea is to share some products of your own or what you've been eyeing! I'll do a little of both!
And to keep it fun, these will match up with some favorite holiday tunage!

I adore this fun little day we have each January! We pretend it's a snow day-at school! We all bundle up with mittens, sip hot chocolate, and read about snow! do snowy math! make snowy crafts! You get the idea! I'm always adding to this product to-each year we come up with something new. It's a good one to pick and choose from!
and what's my favorite holiday product I've purchased...
it's a toss up between these from Hope and Reagan!
find the strategy file on TpT
find the genre posters on TpT

I bundled up some of my best selling reading units for a little price break! I have taught so many great lessons from these files! They are all sold separately too!
and these genre posters are beginning to take over as my best selling product!

and my favorite reading product {this year!} are these picture of the day prompts! I even put Jen's sentence frames around the screen in the room so they would we can always "talk the talk"!

can you tell I am loving Ashley Hughes's presents? I needed some that were open and she did it!

and to keep this timely-here is my FAVORITE product to date! There are 12 centers {can be used as lessons too} for Math and ELA.  
So there's my playlist! What's on yours?!

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