five for friday {lots of freebies}

woot! and it IS actually friday!
I only worked three days this week and I am whooped!

Kayla, me, Deana, Jen, and Laura

and here's why I only worked three days!
I got to present at the NCAEE Conference this past Sunday and Monday! and sleep in on Tuesday!
this picture just proves that short teachers rule!

I'm cheating just a little here with more than 5 pictures! We spent this week learning about pumpkin life cycles. I used so much stuff from Alisha's new pack! It will cover about anything you need for pumpkins and was perfecto for my sub plans!

we reviewed perimeter with this sheet from my Hallo-Reads pack {which is freshly updated!}
and made these perimeter pumpkins. Sometimes I love just giving them free reign with cutting! Their only rule was it had to have straight sides so we could measure the perimeter.
they are adorable! Spookley was definitely an inspiration!

and obviously I did not get everything in today...including my pumpkin cutting! So here comes Monday's plans! We will use Nicole's investigation sheet. I liked the format of this for my second graders! We are also playing Pumpkin life cycle war {freebie}! and filling out one.more.booklet {freebie}!


and speaking of math, we are in the middle of my least favorite unit...word problems! It's just getting pretty old doing them each day. So today I used our book orders and made some word problems for them to solve while browsing the catalog! {fingers crossed for some parent orders!}
All you need is the primary October catalog and this freebie! 

and we review even and odd numbers in this unit too. I love making the even and odd houses from the teacher wife! The kids had a blast and I may have made one too! All the odd numbered houses should have odd numbers of, doors, and spooky people {this was a favorite add on with Halloween right around the corner!}

And I'd be remiss if I did not share my lovely gifts from a student this week...plastic jewels!

and last but not least I got word I made the top 50 elementary teacher blogs!! Congrats to all my fellow bloggers!

and that's a big TGIF to you!


  1. Congrats on the Top 50 blogs! I love the awesome jewelry that your littles gave you

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  2. Thank you so much for "Book Order FREEBIE"!! I love your blog! Have a great weekend! :)
    Mrs. Patton’s Class

  3. Love the Book Order freebie! Thanks! Nicole Simply Sweet Lessons


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